At 5th Avenue Family Practice, we offer a range of minor surgeries that can be performed in-house to make your experience as convenient and comfortable as possible.

Our team of experienced and specialised doctors can perform a variety of procedures, including:

Minor Surgery
  • Removal of simple lesions: We can remove any benign skin lesion that may be causing concern, such as moles, cysts, and warts.
  • Removal of Basal cell carcinoma / Mate pukupuku kiritai: the most common and least serious form of skin cancer – if treated.
  • Skin cancer removal using advanced surgical closure flaps if required which allows us to achieve the best possible outcome and minimize scarring  (Dr Todd Hulbert).
  • Nail wedge resections: We can remove part of a damaged or infected toenail where it is growing into the skin, along with the area of tissue in the corner that your toenail grows from. Commonly known as ingrown toenails (Drs Luke Bradford, Todd Hulbert, Kerry Thomas, Dr Kiran Singh).
  • Punch biopsy: We can take a small sample of skin tissue for examination and diagnosis of skin conditions.
  • Vasectomy: We also offer a safe, effective and permanent method of birth control for men (Dr Todd Hulbert).
  • Dr Todd Hulbert has a contract with the WBOP PHO for some skin cancer surgery.

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