Welcome to our Fifth Avenue Family Practice, where we prioritise the health and well-being of men in our community.


One of the services we offer is vasectomy, a safe and effective form of permanent birth control for men. Our experienced physician will explain the procedure and potential risks, and provide you with the necessary information to make an informed decision.

Prostate and Testicular Cancer

Men's Health New Zealand

Prostate and testicular cancer are serious health concerns for men, which is why we offer regular check-ups and screenings for early detection and treatment. We understand the importance of addressing these issues promptly and will provide you with the support and care you need.

Heart Disease Risks

Heart disease is another significant health concern for men, and we’re dedicated to helping our patients prevent and manage it through regular check-ups, monitoring and lifestyle advice. We will work with you to identify any risk factors you may have, and provide you with the necessary information to make an informed decision about heart disease prevention.

Co-Design Hui – Harnessing Hope In Health

Māori men fare poorly compared to other New Zealanders across all health measures.

We want to help change that.

Weight Loss and Diabetes Control

Weight loss and diabetes control is also a significant concern for men, and our practice can help you develop a plan to reach and maintain a healthy weight. We will work with you to identify any underlying health conditions that may be affecting your weight, and provide you with the support and resources you need to achieve your goals.

Mental Health Concerns

We also understand the importance of mental health, and we’re here to support men who may be experiencing depression or suicidal thoughts. Our team is trained to provide you with the resources and support you need to take care of your mental health and improve your overall well-being.

Thank you for choosing our practice for your men’s health needs. We’re dedicated to providing you with the best care possible and will work with you to achieve your health goals.

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