5th AVE NEWS – Autumn 2022

In this issue we welcome Practice Nurse Laura Furey and our new friendly face at reception, Lorna Howard. Dr Kiran Singh has opened an Appearance Medicine Clinic at Fifth Ave on Tenth, and with the flu season upon us we explain why having the flu vaccination is advisable, and offer tools for coping with mental health and well being challenges.

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5th AVE NEWS – Summer 2021-22

COVID-19 vaccinations have been approved for children. In this issue we emphasise the importance of getting that third booster shot in the fight against Omicron and show you how to put together a good COVID-19 plan. It’s important not to forget general childhood vaccinations. We touch on healthy habits for the coming year and the rise and dangers of vaping.

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5th AVE NEWS – Spring 2021

In this issue we explore the myths and facts about the COVID-19 vaccination, we welcome Dr Irina Bardsley, and launch a Movember men’s health campaign. For pregnant women in their third trimester, Dr Kat Mcgrath is now offering a free consult. Read on for an action packed edition of our newsletter.

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5th AVE NEWS – Winter 2021

RSV has hit our little ones hard this winter. Find out how you can keep them comfortable at home in our Winter newsletter. We also introduce our new staff and provide an update from our Māori health working group, He Waka Eke Noa. If your child's immunisations aren't up to date, or you're overdue for a cervical smear, we want to hear from you!

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5th AVE NEWS – Autumn 2021

Advice on COVID-19, flu and measles vaccinations is included in the latest issue of our newsletter, along with an introduction to our new nurses and some advice on how to combat Seasonal Affective Disorder. We also take the opportunity to apologise for the upheaval caused by our changeover to a new patient management system.

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5th AVE NEWS – Summer 2021

Improving healthcare and wellbeing for all our patients is important to us. In this issue, find out how our Māori Health Working Group is looking at how we can be more understanding and responsive to our Māori patients. We also have information on video consultations and our changeover to the Health 365 patient portal.

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5th AVE NEWS – Spring 2020

Meet the newest members of our team, and find out why we do routine tests and observations and when we do them in the latest issue of our newsletter. We also discuss the benefits of signing up to ManageMyHealth, changes to the childhood immunisation schedule, and looking after your mental health.

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5th AVE NEWS – Winter 2020

COVID-19 prompted us all to do things a little differently. In this issue, find out what we are doing to make our services more accessible and user-friendly. We also feature our offerings in cosmetic medicine, long-acting reversible contraception, gout management and winter skin treatment.

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5th AVE NEWS – Autumn 2020

In this issue of our newsletter, find out about how we are adapting to the current Alert Level 4 lockdown and what that means for you. We particularly urge you to be in touch with any health concerns by calling us first. We are here to help you. We also interview well-known Fifth Avenue Family Practice nurse Anna Bourne, who has just completed her training to become our second Nurse Practitioner.

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5th AVE NEWS – Summer 2019

In this issue, we uncover the truth about vaping and its dangers. We also introduce a new doctor duo at Fifth Avenue and remind everyone about the importance of summer skin protection.

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5th AVE NEWS – Spring 2019

Fifth Avenue is one the first surgeries in Tauranga to embark on the Healthcare Home care management programme. Find out how this approach will help us improve both urgent care and care for patients with long-term health needs. Also in this newsletter, if you're looking to give up smoking, our dedicated smoking cessation nurse Karlene Purves is ready and waiting to hear from you.

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5th AVE NEWS – Winter 2019

Don’t leave things to chance and instead take advantage of our Advanced Care Planning sessions that will help you consider and record the healthcare you want in the future and at the end of your life. Also in this newsletter, how to make the most of your appointment with us, and we introduce the health kiosk facilities now available in our waiting rooms.

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5th AVE NEWS – Autumn 2019

We’re going to be taking a closer look at how we deliver the right service, at the right time, with the right person, in the right place: find out how in our autumn newsletter. Also read a timely reminder about why immunisation matters, particularly in light of recent local cases of measles and whopping cough, and meet our new doctor Dr Katharine McGrath. Also in this issue, an important notice about the Aclasta Infusion recall date changes and taking care of your personal admin – why many of us might be feeling so tired!

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5th AVE NEWS – Summer 2018

It’s the end of an era, as Dr John Gemming retires at the end of 2018 after 40 years at Fifth Avenue Family Practice! In this newsletter read all about John’s career and future plans. Also in this edition, find out about how Community Services Card changes may affect you – more patients will qualify for low-cost visits. Take note of our Christmas hours, and find out how one of our patients lost 66+kg!

5th AVE NEWS – Spring 2018

If spring socialising is on your calendar, you might like to read our latest newsletter for tips on moderate drinking, to help you get the new season off to a healthy start. We also announce Dr John Gemming’s retirement after 40 years with the practice, remind you about the chickenpox vaccine and seek your feedback on how we’re doing.

5th AVE NEWS – Winter 2018

In our latest newsletter, we introduce you to our new GP, Alison James. Also in this edition, find out more about EFUDIX, which is an effective treatment for pre-cancerous skin lesions.

We also take a look at 5210, our new initiative aimed at helping parents support their child’s wellbeing, and offer tips on getting the best out of your appointment.

5th AVE NEWS – Autumn 2018

Congratulations to Julia Perry, who has recently qualified at the highest level of the nursing profession, to become a nurse practitioner. Find out more in the latest issue of our newsletter.

Also in this edition, we offer a reminder to book in for your annual ‘flu jab’, and look at why whooping cough is a concern in the community. We also introduce you to our new practice manager, and talk about what to be mindful of when using ‘Dr Google’.

5th AVE NEWS – Summer 2017

The Fifth Avenue Family Practice team wishes you a happy and safe Christmas and holiday season. Check out our newsletter to get tips on how to have a healthier 2018, keep to those New Year’s resolutions, and avoid summer food poisoning. Find out how to donate to our Christmas foodbank appeal, and get the latest info on staff changes and our holiday opening hours.

5th AVE NEWS – Spring 2017

The Fifth Avenue Family Practice team is excited to announce we are now offering the option of phone consultations with our GPs. Find out more in the latest issue of our newsletter.

Also in this edition, we tackle the issues of insomnia, childhood eczema, and arthritis.

5th AVE NEWS – July 2017

Did you know we offer a Weight Management Clinic for patients whose weight is affecting their health or lifestyle? Find out more in the latest issue of our newsletter.

Also in this edition, we take a look at the role of antibiotics, men’s health in the senior years, and immunisation.

We also introduce you to our two new GPs, Dr Anita Page and Dr Cayley Ingham.

5th AVE NEWS – June 2017

Wouldn’t it be great to see your medical results, order your prescriptions and interact with your GP from the comfort of your home? Well, now you can, thanks to the portal Manage My Health. Find out more in our latest newsletter.

We also continue our series on men’s health, looking at why it’s time to get serious in your 40s and 50s. Take note of our tips to stay healthy this winter, and find out more about our no-scalpel vasectomies.

5th AVE NEWS – APRIL 2017

GP John Gemming has been caring for patients at Fifth Avenue Family Practice since 1978. This continuity of care means that some of our patients have had just two GPs in the last 66 years! In our newsletter this month, read John’s story about how GP services have changed for the better over the years.

We also look at our travel health advice services, offer advice on tackling childhood obesity , and look at men’s health in the 30s and 40s.

5th AVE NEWS – MARCH 2017

Nobody likes being laid up in bed feeling miserable, but the reality is that one in four New Zealanders are infected with influenza each year. In our newsletter this month, we bust the myths about the flu vaccination, and outline its benefits.

Dr Diana Ford tells us about her women’s health clinic, we explain the cardiovascular risk assessment system (CVRA), and profile Dr Kiran Singh and Dr Kerry Thomas, who are both taking on new patients.


Long, hot summer days are part of the appeal of living in the Bay of Plenty. But with the heat comes the need to protect our skin from the devastating effects of sun damage. In our newsletter this month, we highlight the work Dr Todd Hulbert is doing at our new clinic, Fifth Avenue on Tenth, to detect skin cancer early.

We remind you to check that your family’s immunisations are all up to date, introduce our new team of friendly receptionists and explain some of the benefits of enrolling in a practice that is committed to training the next generation of primary health care providers.


A big welcome to 2017 and what better way to start the year than with the launch of our first-ever newsletter, 5th Ave News.

In our first edition, we detail our exciting expansion, with the opening of a second clinic at 10th Avenue, and why Doctors Luke Bradford and Diana Ford are teaming up to provide greater holistic health care.

We also have handy medical news and tips on a free HPV vaccination, how best to beat hay fever during the summer months and how we can help you stamp out smoking in 2017.